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Official blog for New York portrait, fashion and beauty photographer Richard Gerst Visuals.

Omar (RED Citizen) for Stefano Guerrini VISION by Gerst VIsuals

New editorial work online. Omar Honoré. Red Models, NY. Shot by Richard Gerst.


Director Andrew Levitas for FLAUNT MAGAZINE by scott Richard Gerst

I recently lensed Andrew Levitas, he directed the movie "Lullaby" - and FLAUNT MAGAZINE has a well written new profile about him and the movie - both in their new 15th Anniversary Selfie Issue shipping now - as well as online here:

Check it out! #gerstvisuals


Jess Caetano (ONE) in Zang Toi for Masters Magazine by richard gerst

Jess Caetano (ONE Management, NY) in Zang Toi

NPR's white house correspondent Ari Shapiro lensed by Richard Gerst

"Double Agent" Ari Shapiro, NPR's White House Correspondent and sometimes guest singer for the amazing Pink Martini, stops by one morning in DC for coffee and a quick portrait.


Jessica (ONE Management) lensed by Richard Gerst in Zang Toi

Jessica C (ONE Management) stopped by the studio this week for some magic.Here wearing Zang Toi. Hair/make up by Liz Olivier.


McInnes at DNA Model Management, New York lensed by Richard Gerst

McInnes at DNA Model Management, New York lensed by Richard Gerst

McInnes (DNA Model Management) lensed by Richard Gerst

Chosen as Google Glass Explorer

20130328-105945.jpg Terrific news here as Google's Project Glass has selected me as one of the premier recipients for their Google Glass spectacles. I am looking forward to implementing them for work this summer as I continue shooting for my first limited edition magazine with publisher Baron & Finch. Onward!

Nadine Campeau (BMG) by Richard Gerst

Nadine Campeau stops by for a siesta with my vintage pigskin in tow . . . And she looks amazing!


Dionisio Heiderscheid for NordicMan Magazine by Richard Gerst

Dionisio Heiderscheid for NordicMan Magazine by Richard Gerst @clubdionisio

shot on Fuji medium format, color reversal film in Argentina for NordicMan.

Stephanie LaCava by Richard gerst for SCENE Magazine Jan 2013 Cover story


Stephanie LaCava for SCENE Magazine Jan 2013 Cover story - now shipping to newsstands and Hotels in TriBeCa,Soho, Upper West &East sides.


Casting Privati - Greg P., Q Model Management, New York

Greg Petersen, Casting Privati for Italy Casting Privati, Greg Petersen, Q Models, New York

Published in cooperation with Stefano Guerrini at GQ Italia online.

He's got Possession. Ryan white (ORB Models)

He's got Possession.

from CLIENT spread. in Michael Bastian - love this camera tee!

A new beginning . . .

Finally! random personal thoughts + images from the last 2 years + future . . . It's time to re-publish editorial work which Google could not index or ascribe to me because it was either hidden via Flash-code on my website, or in niche print-on-demand fashion magazines. Initial posts here will be culled from my website or social media, so Google can actually "see it". Future work will come. It's an incredible time of transition. I thank the fashion community for their support & encouragement! Onward!RGerst_West13_14