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Bombs & Bottles privately screens TYBALT Short Film

Bombs & Bottles screens the short film he scored for Richard Gerst in TYBALT

FTAPE COVERS TYBALT. nick ayler by richard gerst

See Roly Roar at Le Pillole di Stefano / Italia by richard gerst

Roland Szegi by Richard Gerst for Stefano Guerrini at Italia

Roland talks about for Stefano Guerrini at le Pillole di Stefano hosted at Italia

Marlon Gobel Fall '13 Menswear in "POENA LUXURIA"


Mariana Braga selected by editors @Vogue Italia for photovogue by richard gerst

My first image selected by the editors at Vogue Italia for Photovogue editorial images . . . Styled by Fredo Montes. Congratulations to the team and Mariana Braga (One Management).


Zoe Colivas lensed by Richard Gerst


DNA Model Management, New York

Reposted as original was not displaying for some users . . .

Casting Privati:Genesis . . . with Nick Ayler

@nickayler @steven683 Ayler's gonna' rock your socks off in a mix of candid + studio imagery coming soon at cover image, Casting Privati: Genesis story for Italia via Stefano Guerrini

A new beginning . . .

Finally! random personal thoughts + images from the last 2 years + future . . . It's time to re-publish editorial work which Google could not index or ascribe to me because it was either hidden via Flash-code on my website, or in niche print-on-demand fashion magazines. Initial posts here will be culled from my website or social media, so Google can actually "see it". Future work will come. It's an incredible time of transition. I thank the fashion community for their support & encouragement! Onward!RGerst_West13_14