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Emanuele Fiore (New York Models) by Richard Gerst for VISION

I had a chance to lens one of the first models I shot when I began back in 2009- the excellent Emanuele Fiore- for Stefano Guerrini in Italy and his VISION online fashion site. 

We have started a new series "Sundays on Sutton" which will feature other excellent talent and new faces - introducing them to you with a strong emotional intimacy. 

Since the 70's there has been a gradual reduction in emotional output for talent - generally- in published work- and the over-Photoshopping and post production again pulls the viewer away from any type of organic or "real" experience.

With my work. I try to regain some of what has been lost.

Emanuele Fiore site for Richard Gerst Visuals

Emanuele Fiore site for Richard Gerst Visuals

by Gerst Visuals