1&1ly User Manual

The 1&1ly User Manual has SOLD OUT.

The 1&1ly User Manual was a unique collaboration between photographer Richard Gerst and roboticist Brad Knox, PhD.  It is a signed, numbered, limited edition 28 page construction (32 + 3 Artist Proofs).

Gerst conceived his fourth socially conscious publication in 2013 while completing his previous book, Tybalt (Silas Finch).  It began with a Google image search for "young roboticist". When he found Dr. Knox, who was completing his post doctorate at MIT’s Media Lab, Gerst pitched the idea via email.

Dr. Knox eventually agreed - contributing text, conceptual organization, and ultimately traveling to New York to sit for the manual’s images. 

Nearly three years after conception, the project was finished.

The 1&1ly User Manual serves as tacit prediction, modeled after early personal computer manuals which were often brief, unbound and photocopied. 

On the surface, the manual relays basic owner instructions regarding the 1&1ly, an imagined humanoid robot and companion.  When the viewer delves deeper, layers of commentary offer more questions than answers.

Utilizing unique ‘paper’, which feels like skin to the human touch, the piece has a physical appearance and handles more like 'objéct des art' than book. It is beautiful, modern, and sensual.

It is the intent of the authors that it will promulgate discussion and consideration of humanity's past lessons . . . and future possibilities . . .

Before it’s release, the 1&1ly User Manual was nominated by Duggal Visual Solutions for the 2017 North American HP Inkspiration award.

Physical dimensions: 18 x 18 x 2cm, weight 523g. Plexiglass plate covers with mounted synthetic paper, 14 single-side printed thick synthetic card pages (28 pages), single aluminum corner post. Pages are unbound, and fan out from corner post. Numbered & signed edition of 32 + 3 AP's

The 1 &1ly User manual is fragile. Pages can be torn or scratched. Handle with care.

Similar to historical non-bound user manuals, the corner post screw will loosen with movement - gently hand re-tighten as needed.

The manual shipped on Feb 6, 2017, and is sold out.